Tutorial on tank simming

hello i was wondering if there is a tutorial on tank custom strategy as how it works now? because it says i have a 100% death rate on avatar when im 913 ilvl

This could be a problem with the Fallen Avatar script (which I haven’t played with personally, so I can’t speak for its accuracy). Can you link your character and the gearing strategy that gives you the 100% death chance?

Share a link to the report where you have the 100% death chance and we can take a look.


You have the mythic+ level set to 10, which increases the damage in the script by 136%, which is even more than it would do on mythic. +6 is approximately how hard it would hit on mythic compared to heroic.

so +6 is where it should be at is there a tutorial on this? and do healers need to do this same thing?

I don’t know if we have a tutorial on just doing regular tank sims or not…

For healers, the mythic+ level controls the power of the damage in the script similarly. The one script that we have is based on Krosus, but the way the healing scripts work, the damage really scales with you, so +6 would still be mythic damage levels for your current gear, as if Krosus was a boss in the current tier.

that boss is very physical damage i think makes it a little lopsided as far as having 1 build for all the bosses i like a more general build but i also take high tolerance over black out combo i think tanks should tank and dps takes care of killing it

All the bosses in ToS are mostly physical damage. Blizzard decided not to make another fight like Krosus with very high magic damage because it was causing balance issues between tank specs.

With the changes to the M+ scaling, setting the mythic+ level to +5 on a heroic boss script would be closest to mythic damage levels now (+46%, it’s actually around +50% for most abilities).

so i decided to use the physical weights you guys use with 1 change to talents and used high tolerance and i got a huge increase in NPS over using BoC so why suggest us use BoC?

HT: http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator/report/2567813d52a64539b3dec59ac0dd9e46

BoC: http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator/report/3abb4b7e52c4423eb1ffcd4371707b8a

but what crazier is that i get worse NPS with the custom gearing strat for HT: http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator/report/238e18968c734fbdb1c18ee774291cdb

We don’t suggest talents, we just have a pre-made gearing strategy that uses BoC. We chose that because that is overwhelmingly the most popular talent.

When I tank I play Brew, and I also use High Tolerance because I just like it more.

Choosing gear for tanks with the optimizer necessarily has a bit higher margin of error because the tank gearing problem is much more difficult to solve. We have some new gearing strategies coming down the pipe for tanks.

any way you can share your gearing strat? or do you do yours manually?