Twilight Bloom trinket overvalued by best in bags?

I have read this post and still have a question.

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My question is:
This is for my resto druid. Best in Bags is always recommending Twilight Bloom as the trinket I should use. It is only a level 174 item, and it doesn’t seem to proc or do much healing compared to my other gear. I had it equipped for a couple raids and it seemed to do very little, at least according to details. Is there something wrong with how the optimizer is evaluating it? In simulations it seems to proc much more often then it actually does in the game (also I’m assuming the simulator is assuming a much higher hit rate then I can manage in game).

Anyway, I can’t believe it is a better option for me then any of my 200+ level healing trinkets. I’ve ended up removing it from consideration when I do Best in Bags. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue.


We would need a link to your specific situation to help you out. You can do that by posting a snapshot. The most common cause of a low level trinket being picked is that you have the max on-use items set to (1) and all your higher ilvl trinkets are on-use.

Directions on creating a snapshot: