Twilight Devastation - For healer is it possible to simulate it?

Hi !

Wanted to share something after a discussion with guilds mates. For the boss “Hivemind”, we are thinking of trying to get to healer some corruption item with DPS on it. I got Twilight Devastation and i was wondering if i could simulate it. Currently, it’s “no healer” in the parameter of the spell.
I tried this : Not Available
But it still doesn’t work, how can i make it work ?

It doesn’t proc atonement for discipline so it’s 100% only for DPS.


Seems to be working with what i’ve done, but not using the good “tier” of this specific corruption.

Or the dmg value isn’t in good correlation with the dmg in live version.

Doesn’t seems to be my 5% poly that increase it.

Here some MM+ logs ?

Tonight is Raiding and i will be using this staff i will share logs if needed

You changed the formula, which will result in some problems. You are double-counting versatility in your formula, since it is already include in TotalDamageMultiplier.

If you want it to pick up the rank you have on your items, you have to do it like:
(CorruptionEffectRank(TwilightDevastation, 1) * 0.06 + CorruptionEffectRank(TwilightDevastation, 2) * 0.12 + CorruptionEffectRank(TwilightDevastation, 3) * 0.18) * Health * TotalDamageMultiplier

It looks like your formula is using only tier 3, double-dipping on vers, and adding another 50% multiplier.

Keep in mind that that damage it does is based on your current health. If you are doing easier stuff or keeping yourself constantly at full health, the damage will be much higher. In the healing sim, you take damage, so the average value will be brought down as it procs when you are sometimes lower health.


yeah i removed the old formula to try it out.
Thanks !

I’m pretty sure it’s not max health… they usually explicitly state when something is based on max health.

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