Two issues, not sure if I'm using AMR wrong or if intended

First of all, thanks for a great addon and all the support that goes with it.

1. It doesn’t look like AMR pulls my current talents when I Import From Addon. Is that intentional?
2. Strangely, after I do a Best in Bags optimization and equip said recommendations, the item level in AMR doesn’t match the one in-game. It’s saying my Best in Bags is 429, but in-game it says I am 430 equipped. I’m certain I’ve imported my current state many times and AMR is not showing any recommendations (because I applied them and re-imported). Could it be attributed to the fact that I use the Mechagon card trinket?

Edit: I lied, there’s a third issue. AMR Best in Bags highlights my Heart of Azeroth as if I need to implement changes, but I for sure have the essences it has recommended and re-imported my current state. Bug?

Hi !

1. As an AMR user i can tell the “AMR doesn’t pull talents”, it’s intenional.
With this feature you can optimize for different setup or different talent. For example, take a talent for a bit more AOE DPS or more single target DPS etc… It should save the setup you choose for your next use of the Best in Bags or seperatly Best in Slot.

2. For what i know yes their is a different when using the Mechagon trinket. Maybe you could share the export from the addon and the “snapshot” for the Best in Bag (the snapshot is a code you get on the web site in the “help” link"

3. This is due of the fact that the “Heart of Azeroth” have gain a level between the last export. If it’s only the azerith glowing it mean you have to change your Essences in it. If you equip exactly what AMR tells you, and re-export/import to the web site you shouldn’t have a glowing HoA. if you have done all of this, then it could be a bug. Sharing the code will help AMR’s team to understand it and solv it.


If you press that “help” button next to Best in Bag and use the “create support post” button - it will give you a snapshot id you can post here to help us see exactly what you are seeing.

Sienss already mentioned the talents not importing is intentional. We had to change it to be like that once we allowed the saving of multiple different gear sets (potentially for the same spec). It becomes ambiguous on an import which set the talents should go with, so we have you explicitly set the talents when you setup BiB for each set.

The item level being off by one… I’ll have to look at. Do you use the default character UI in-game or an addon?

Wow, thanks so much to both of you! I do appreciate the quality of the support here, here’s my follow-up. I didn’t make any changes to my character for any of this data except for switching specs (and associated load-out) between item 2 and 3.

2. Item level discrepancy using default character UI.

Snapshot: 543358303d304accaecf268edc2d280e

3. Heart of Azeroth still glowing. Sorry for the mess, this is what it looked like switching to an off-spec (and maybe that’s related to the problem). As you can see, I have the recommended essences equipped but it looks like I’m being told to make some changes?

Snapshot: a9016fc2577742dba0bc4a0bca845dae

Point 3 looks like a “stupid” error which is most likely caused because robots (and as such, AskMrRobot) will take your settings quite literally.

Which major essence you’re using is not calculated by AMR but selected manually on a per spec basis out of your currently available essences. For your protection setup you have still selected rank 1 of your major essence, most likely because you set that up when you didn’t have rank 2 and just haven’t changed that setting since.
Right now, you’re using rank 2 of that essence though which obviously is not the expected essence - as that would be rank 1.

That’s probably not a bug per se, but adding some code to auto-update that setting when importing a string with higher ranks of essences could help with situations like this. :wink:

The item level thing is probably a small rounding discrepancy with how we handle the punch card vs the default UI. I don’t think that it is affecting optimization in any way here. Hopefully it doesn’t bug you toooo much :wink: You wouldn’t believe how much code goes into handling “gems” (punchcards are basically fancy gems)

Hopefully it doesn’t bug you toooo much :wink:

Haha, not at all. Thank you very much @Sienss, @asashdor, and Swol (new users can only mention 2 users per post T_T) :slight_smile:

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