Two pieces of identical gear not going to correct spec

I have two identical chest pieces. Both are 440 ilvl, both have the same item name. I keep full sets of gear for AoE fights, single-target boss fights, and tanking. My single-target arms spec calls for this chest piece with a certain set of azerite traits. My protection spec calls for the other identical chest piece with a different set of azerite traits. When I load in the profile strings from website into addon, one of the chest pieces ends up being set up as the chest piece for both specs, ie. it is labeled for both Protection and Arms.

In the end it isn’t that big of a deal because I can manually equip the correct piece, and save the new gear set from the WoW UI. Didn’t know if this is an AMR issue, or a WoW issue, or what.

In theory if you choose the azerite traits on the items… it should be able to find the correct one. If you haven’t chosen the azerite traits yet, sometimes it can have a hard time.