Two Target Cleave Boss Script?

Hi does anyone have a two target cleave boss I could use for sims?

With fights like Demonic Inquisition coming up today I’d like to test which of my specs/gear setup would be best for this unfortunately I don’t see a setup with two bosses constantly up. (or at least a boss with a large health add)

We don’t have a pre-set for that, but, we are going to be creating Tomb-specific boss scripts this week, most likely including that specific fight.

Gearing strategies/simulations based on real fights are better than generic ones, in our opinion.

Here’s one:

Two targets Sustained

It’s currently set to 2 bosses, 5yds apart. You can copy it to your own boss scripts and then change the distance between them in the ‘pack’ part of the boss script.

Currently set to 300sec duration, 12% fight time variation.

@hercdeisel This is awesome! thanks for sharing!