Uh dk stats and bib

For the longest time UH Dk’s have been heavy on mastery with haste being a distant second, but my MrR has switched stats so haste is far out in from with mastery lagging behind in second. Can you explain this change, especially everyone who comments on gearing and stats is still a heavy mastery/haste build.

Also, Bib has been giving me a recommendation on gear on day and the very next day it will give me something completely different with nothing new taking place with my character.

The preferred stats will depend on what talents and legendary items you have available.

Our latest gearing strategies are “adaptive” and will find you the best legendary items and stats for your give talents. No other source of information goes into this level of depth on what stats are best.

You might have seen changes recently because I updated the unholy strategy after the stealth changes to dark arbiter in 7.3. I also fixed the cold heart implementation a bit to match logs better.

ok, I understand the changing stats as a result of the changes to dark arbiter. since you mentioned that I adjusted my talents but kept my mastery gems and enchants and there was a big dps change in the sim, 40k+. But, today all of the stats have reverted to the previous settings, mastery then haste. Is this the result of the adaptive part of the new Mr. Robot updates? I really like the addon, so much that I pay the $$ for extra options, but I would be a bit irritated if I had changed all of my gems and enchants to haste like BiB suggested and now things are where they are in the first place. I guess the lesson is to wait a bit to see if the dust settles after a big change.

Any change in your gear could result in the suggested gems and enchants flipping around. On our list is an option to ignore very small changes in predicted dps.

I currently have four pieces with gems slots. Bib either recommends haste or mastery gems. Is there a reason why Bib is not suggesting at one strength gem? As far as I have found out with limited searching strength is still more important to UhDk’s than the other talents.

I’d have to see your specific case, but at this point a 200 secondary stat gem might be worth more than 200 str.