Uldir-only trait buffs


is it possible to Sim my DPS inside and outside of Uldir? The Reorriginiation Array only provides it’s benefits while in Uldir, so I’m not sure if it’s an upgrade when I focus on raiding gear vs focussing on mythic+ gear.

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Right now we’re not simulating the re-origination array. We’re going to add it as a setting to the simulator soon though.

Thanks, I registered on the forums just to post the same thing, I heard that the origination array is gonna be very strong and surprised that Mr. Robot has not suggested it even once. I guess it doesn’t work in mythic plus tho so maybe that’s a good thing?

Yeah - I’ve been seeing on most specs that it usually gets suggested anyway because the traits themselves are strong even without the array.

What we’re trying to verify is if you have, say, two Laser Matrix on, does the damage/healing of laser matrix stack like other traits, since I know the array itself does not stack. If anyone can verify this for us, that would be helpful.

We have one report that Archive of the Titans does not stack.


We just verified the base powers DO stack normally, just not the array.