Unable to lock punchcards

While completely unlocked, AMR BiB puts in the pocket-sized computation device with the cyclotronic blast red punch card. I do not wish to use that card, i click on it, it brings up the change gem option and i select the one i wish to use:

everything looks good:


but when i reoptimize, it puts the cyclotronic back. I have tried locking the trinket, etc, but nothing seems to work. I really only want to exclude the cyclotronic…


If you post your addon export, we can try your case and take a look at what’s going on.

Howdy - I’m having a similar issue with, but only on the “Test Combinations” simulation. The Optimizer Setup works fine for me, but you can’t test gear combinations with Cyclotronic Blast (etc) In the Computation Device. Single Sim works fine.

Yeah… I probably need to add something special for that on the UI for combination sims. I’ll put it on the list of things to do.

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I also been having that issue being unable to lock the yellow punch cards. I also have another issue also though related to the trinket. I have a 435 yellow card locked in but I’m not sure if AMR is reading it as 435. The AMR tooltip is showing it as 420 (with 420 stats), I know tooltips can be off sometimes so I just wanted to know if it’s actually calculating it as 435.

What ilvl is the trinket itself? The stats scale down to the ilvl of the trinket, and ignore the ilvl of the punchcard.

oh I see now, it’s 420 so it’s working right.