Unable to pick off-hand weapon for prot build

When I click the shield, none of my other weapons show up in the list like it does when I click my MH weapon.

Protection spec only supports one-hander + shield for weapons. Arms supports 2-handers only. Fury supports dual-wielding only.

If you want to dual-wield, use a Fury spec to optimize. In the Classic optimizer we had a toughness slider for Fury warriors because dual-wield tanking was a big thing… looks like we don’t have that option for TBC right now. We could add it if people are interested though. So far nobody has asked for it.

Maybe there’s a better way. How do I pick an optimal off hand for occasional DPS while still keeping all my tanking gear the same? If I go to a fury build it picks completely different armor.

I’m not sure that we have a specific way to do that. You could lock in all the other gear and then do a fury optimization that only looks at the offhand slot.