Unable to save gearing strat for BiB

I was trying to make one tonight and it’s not saving it. When I go back to the BiB page and I go over to ‘your strategies’ there are none even though I’ve made it 5 times saved it 5 times, logged out. It’s not giving me an error message telling me I can’t save it. It appears to be saving because the name of the strategy changes in the top left side of the screen—but it never saves and I can’t seem to use it. I’m not sure why.

Sounds like you might be saving the simulation setup, not the gearing strategy itself.

When you click Create a Strategy on the optimizer page, it takes you over to the simulator page, and pre-loads some things for you.

Then, you need to press the green Simulate! button to actually create the gearing strategy. This requires the simulator client to run on your machine, and can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple hours, depending on your computer.

When that completes, you will see a big Save and Use button on the simulation result page. Press that and save, then you can use it to rank gear.

Okay thanks. I was beginning to wonder if I actually had to sim it before I could use it (something I wasn’t entirely interested in, I just wanted to make sure while I level up I kept 25% hastes (550ish) nomatter what). It didn’t specifically say anywhere I could not use it until I simmed the strategy.

I appreciate the intel on this. Thank you!