Unable to set threshold for certain stats


It looks like it is currently not possible to set minimum threshold for spirit, spell haste and resilience. It would be a nice addition for the TBC simulator (hopefully not too time consuming to implement either).


We could look into it… what are the specific use cases that you have in mind?

Resilience for PvP optimization?

Spirit… that’s a bit tougher because you really want to look at that in conjunction with other sources of mana or mana regen, consumables, etc. In theory the optimizer already handles this, which is heavily influenced by fight length.

Spell haste we could theoretically add a simple threshold for… we didn’t before because there weren’t many sources of haste at lower tiers of content.

Pvp use cases mostly etc. Would be nice with just the thresholds yeah :slight_smile:

Hi Yellowfive!
Please may I ask for spell haste to be added to the list please? Haste is quite important now as we warlocks tend to switch gear for aoe trash etc. I would love to see that added. Many thanks.

Sure, we can add spell haste – that one shouldn’t present any complications. I’m finishing up some other features that need testing, but I can get to it in the next day or two.

The site has been updated with haste and spell haste as stats you can set thresholds for in TBC. Just enter a number like “10” for 10% haste.

Spirit and resil would also be nuts :slight_smile:


I would love to see spirit and resilience being added as adjustable thresholds - i assume it won’t be too difficult to implement?

Thanks a lot

@yellowfive - To add on this - it would simply be used generate a “bis set” that contains at least x amount of spirit and/or resil etc.

Just whenever you get the time :slight_smile: