Unbridled Fury Ranked High for Prot Paladin

I have a question about tank trinkets. When gearing for physical and magical damage, the trinket unbridled fury is ranked far above new and old trinkets. I’m not sure why it is being ranked so highly. Any help is much appreciated!

Using the heroic version (870), the armour rating of 1144 translates into 13.4% DR at 110, lasting 30s. Armour is usually ranked highly for tanks, so this partially accounts for the ranking for physical damage. Most of the other current trinkets don’t give armour, and the 30s duration is long as trinkets effects go. By comparison, Feverish Carapace from Goroth lasts 10 s but is a chance on hit (though the amount of armour is much higher),

You also get an effective health increase of 555, 984 on a 2 min cooldown; effectively over 1.1 M bonus health over the course of a boss fight. Effective health is especially valuable for magic damage as it gives healers a little breathing room after large hits. Given magic damage reduction abilities are generally on long cooldowns, this gives you another cooldown. Of course, it’s also useful for the same reason for physical damage (but all tanks at least have passive mitigation through armour, so it’s comparatively more of a “sugar on top” bonus).

Taken together, the effects are a nice survivability package that you can use when you need it most.

So I changed how we rank trinkets like unbridled fury… it essentially acts like “stats” – stamina and armor. So I treat it as such, and adjust for both the uptime, and also a modifier for its “effectiveness” due to being either a proc or use. For example, most random procs that give you stats are worth a bit less than the average amount they are equivalent to. Most on-use stats are worth a bit more than the average amount they are equivalent to.

These tweaks are all based on simulations we run in the gearing strategy, and used to combine it with your other stats in a way that more accurately predicts total NPS.

Once we did that… the value of unbridled fury seems to have shot up quite a bit… it’s on my list to double check that it really is that strong of an effect.