Undulating Tides azerite trait

I’m curious, in the AMR sims, how often does the Undulating Tides (UT) trait trigger the “shield and won’t activate again for 45s” effect? I had that effect trigger once on a farm fight (damage aspect did 1.0k DPS) and 24 times over 7 wipes on a progression boss, with 837 DPS.

I admit I’m a little confused by our logs though, as they show UT damage while the UT debuff is active. On the other fights/kills, its damage and debuff overlap very little.

You can find how it’s implemented in the simulator by looking at the Theorycraft Wiki.

For DPS, we just assume you never trigger the shield. This is, of course, an extremely optimistic estimate. How often that cooldown triggers will vary wildly from fight to fight and player to player. We tell you how good it could potentially be, and then leave it up to you to choose not to use it if you don’t think you can get near full benefit.

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