Unexpected results for Feral weapons

Looking at options for feral weapons and the results are a bit confusing, It seems almost like the calculations are using weapon damage as a factor, but not really. The most obvious example I saw right away was the Might of Menethil (20str, 2crit) supposedly being a significant upgrade over Draconic Maul (27str, 2crit), unless the +stam is attributed as part of the DPS calculation, I assumed not. Getting the same results using my character as well as a generic.

There’s also the difference between the Blessed Qiraji War Hammer (10str, 280fap) and the Mace of Unending Life (9str, 7agi, 140fap), the resultant AP on the Char Sheet shows a difference of 5AP favoring the Mace, but even a simple calculation between the two weapons should show closer to 134AP, ((10*2.4)+280) - ((9*2.4)+(7*1)+140), in favor of the Hammer. All else held equal.

Am I missing something?

I can double check - not sure why might of menethil is ranking above draconic maul.

I don’t think we show feral attack power in the character sheet - the optimizer definitely ranks the war hammer higher, as expected.

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We posted an update with a tweak that should resolve this issue – you may need to re-import your character for it to re-rank.

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I figured that out, it was a bit confusing since some stats do adjust for forms, and some don’t.