Unexpected results when using Best In Bags on a secondary talent spec

Class: Paladin
Main Spec: Protection

While choosing Retribution as my secondary spec I tried the best in bags while knowing I didn’t have any good retribution specific gear. My plan was to gear as well as possible for ret and then use what I had to go out and get better retribution specific gear.

The results were unexpected. It chose a bunch of old crap I had in my bank from TBC for my retribution spec. There’s no way the stats on a lot of this old gear are better for retribution than my tanking gear though so I’m confused as to why it would do this.

Chestguard of the Stoic Guardian is not better than Heroes’ Redemption Breastplate for Retribution, for example.


The results are pretty close – you can’t really get the score to go up meaningfully by locking in that chest piece, for instance.

The issue is that you have defensive gems locked in to your higher ilvl items (because they are reserved for your higher-priority protection spec). Putting strength gems in lower level gear ranks the same or slightly higher for a couple slots.

The result is “weird”, but the optimizer is doing the right thing with the constraints it is given.

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