Unholy Best in Bag favoring Crit/Versatility over Haste

My Unholy Best in Bag is saying I need less Haste/Mastery and I need more Crit and Vers, it also suggested Crit gems and enchants.

Is this behaviour working as intended? Because according to wowhead / icy-veins Unholy guides Haste should be Unholy’s top stat.

If you post your export string from the addon I can take a look. Haste is generally good for Unholy, but so is Crit. The optimizer is smart and knows how to make the best use of the gear that you have - maybe you just don’t have the right gear yet for a higher haste build - can’t say for sure until I see your gear.

I see, if its working as intended then I can just trust AMR without needing to dig into theorycrafting myself. Thanks for the clarification