Unholy DK stats vs BiB

Mr. Robot is recommending a gearing set up that increases crit by 5% and haste by 3%, but results in a 17% drop in mastery. That doesn’t make sense to me considering my stats from machine learning are a mastery/haste build.
These are my custom stats. http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator/report/0c3e019acf3645ef80547cf8aec5ba2a?weights=true&strategyId=da8581f4aab2454ea7a752f21

I would have to see the actual Best in Bag recommendation to comment on this. You can post your export from the addon if you want me to take a look at it.

Machine Learning doesn’t just find one solution. There may very well be sets of gear with more crit that do high DPS. The stats you end up getting often depend a lot on the gear you have available.

Using the machine learning tool to get my stats what stats weight does AMR give to strength? Here is my custom set up if you need that.

Ok, here is my export, at least I think that is what this is:


BiB is making you lose mastery on your legs in order to pick up the 4 piece set bonus.

You lost some mastery on the ring in order to get a big chunk of haste, and the 905 ring also has a socket, making it a better item overall.

You current gear sims to 765.5k DPS and the BiB gear sims to 777.7k DPS. The optimizer is doing exactly what you want: getting you more DPS!

Thanks. I don’t know how I missed that 4 piece. That’s why I like your add on, it doesn’t make mistakes like that.
Two questions.
Where can I find the stat weight AMR uses for strength for my machine learning stats?
What did you use to sim that gear? I don’t get anything close to what you got using krosus or ursoc.

There really isn’t a way to see the “weight” on strength. The function doesn’t work like that. We are all so used to weights that it is kind of confusing.

I used Ursoc. But looks like I had a shorter fight length set from some sims I was doing before that, which is why the DPS is so high :wink:

I’m sorry for not being very tech savvy and for keep writing about the same issue. It would be nice if the graphs would show where my current and the best in bags set up would fall. Maybe some red line or dot?

I think I understand the new graphs, the concept of multiple sets of gear, and how big swings in stat levels can produce the same or even a better result.

I’ve gone to the gearing strategy option and run the client program. Then come back to mr robot and done a single run simulation on my equipped gear and the BiB recommended set. My equipped is still coming out ahead. The closest result is a difference of 15k in favor of what I have equipped. Now I don’t know if that is a lot or almost nothing when comparing simulations. I am used to following mr robot’s suggestions and having them make a noticeable difference even if its a small one. I’m assuming that I am doing something wrong or leaving something out.

Are you using a custom gearing strategy, or the default one?

If you are using the default, within 15k is pretty good. A custom one might do better. The best will be our new overall gearing strategies that we are in the process of calculating, and will be done in a week or two.