Unholy Talents Not Showing

My Unholy DK talents just show up as ???..can you let me know what’s wrong? Also, the talents that do show up are for Frost on the Optimized side. I deleted the Frost spec from the left and it didn’t change anything.

Usually if you re-import your character it clears this up. Or, on the Setup step, manually choose the talents that you want to have, then optimize again.

If that doesn’t work, click the “help” link to the right of the big Best in Bags section header, then press Create Support Post. Copy the snapshot ID here, and I can use that reproduce your case and see what’s up.

Thank you for the reply, but it didn’t work.

Here’s the ID: 66daf6dbceef4539a0db11978ec38b91

Your Unholy setup has no talents selected – it’s possible you had no talents chosen when you imported your character the first time, hard to say.

On the “Set Up Best in Bags” step, simply click on the talents you want to have, then press Find Best in Bags. That should clear everything up.

Remember to always keep your talents on the setup step up to date – we don’t change those every time you import your character because you could have multiple setups for Unholy (e.g. a Single Target and a Multi Target setup). And you will typically want different talents saved with each setup, and you would not want us overwriting those on you all the time!

Thank you for your help!!! That worked.