Unique Trinket Bug in Best in Bags

Found that if you have more than one of the BOA unique trinkets and they are both best, AMR will suggest a BOA 110 trinket for both Slot 1 and 2, which is not actually possible. Also finding that because it cannot equip that second trinket, it doesn’t save the current set in the Equipment Manager.

Current workaround is the delete the extra BOA trinket from your inventory, bank, etc.

A similar issue occurs when trying to equip a set that does not have an artifact weapon (Such as when you’re 100-102 in a different spec than your main). It doesn’t save in the equipment manager.

(Bonus points, is there a known issues topic yet?)

If you don’t have an artifact weapon, we use some simplified code rather than the full optimizer. Seems that simplified code doesn’t check a few cases like this… I’ll see if we can tweak it.

Could also be that those trinkets aren’t flagged as unique in the item data for some reason, so I’ll check that.

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I think I’m having the same problem. I have a Bleached Skull Talisman (Warforged) ilvl 820 trinket in slot 1, and a Bleached Skull Talisman (Warforged) ilvl 810 in my bags. The BiB optimizer tells me to equip the 820 item in slot 1 and to leave my second trinket slot empty.

Deleting the ilvl 810 trinket fixed the issue.

Same issue still exists. Previously I could work around it by locking items in the trinket and ring slots, but now it doesn’t keep the items locked for me. Again on toons that don’t have all artifacts. This is especially frustrating for my druid, since I have no desire to get artifacts for each of the 4 druid specs.

I’ll see if I can work a quick fix into an update, but we have a ton of new stuff lined up in front of it, so might be a while… sorry about that.