Unnerving Focus Conduit Issue

BiB is suggesting using Unnerving Focus Endurance Conduit for my Arms and Fury setups. This conduit can only be triggered by Protection use of Last Stand so completely useless. I couldn’t find anything in my settings that would cause this. I even reordered Arms as the top spec and it still suggests it.


Arms as top spec…

The endurance conduits (for the purpose of our optimization) don’t matter. It is putting them in in alphabetical order. Unnerving focus is being left in there because you already have it socketed and it isn’t technically “on the list” for arms/fury.

If you care about the endurance and finesse conduits that do not affect DPS (for arms and fury), go ahead and lock in the ones you prefer.

I can look at getting the optimizer to change out endurance conduits that aren’t considered relevant to the current spec - then you could use the customize controls to put weights on the conduits as you prefer.

I’ll see what I can do – in the meantime, if you go in-game and put the endurance conduit that you would prefer in that spot in that soulbind tree, the optimizer should choose that instead the next time you import and optimize.

Thanks for looking into it.