Unusual Mistweaver rankings

So many bugs… Why does the items rating decrease as the item level increases?

This is Offhand weapon on mistweaver monk.

Best in slot suggests a 310 item right now…

I moved your posts to their own topic because it was not related to the site update announcement.

If you post your addon export string we can take a closer look at your specific character.

It is somewhat related as this started only after the update.

Its not the items in my bag its the “Best in slot” with options as selected in the screen shot
And it seems to only be on the offhand weapon.



Your second problem seems to be pretty interesting: You’re currently excluding all gear from Mythic difficulty (raids and dungeons, which includes Mythic+) which severely limits you’re options as you can only get one or sometimes two different items per slot in Uldir and everything else is really low level (310 or lower). The optimizer is then extremely limited in regards to balancing secondary stats - especially when combined with a pretty high Reorigination Array proc.

AMR still tries to get the best result possible which then becomes a question of “which item do I downgrade to get the best Reorigination Array proc while getting the most dps”. Currently your linked BiS has pretty high Crit and Haste (both around 1100) but AMR wants to keep Crit as your highest secondary stat for Reorigination Array.
Using your current filters the best way for that seems to be to downgrade one item to something that fits - and apparently that is your offhand weapon.

But still it looks wrong considering how a 385 Mother’s Twin Gaze ranks lower then the 340 of the same weapon.
Even if the haste or crit is worth 0 agility and stamina and dps should put them in the correct order?
If someone had a 340 and a 385 MTG in their bags your website would tell them to equip the 340?

Also it wants me to downgrade from sinister wicker talon 350 to the same item at 310?
Edit: I guess BiS doesn’t consider your existing gear.

Not sure why you care what BiS says, you’ll probably get a WF/TF piece which will skew the result anyway.
Maybe it’s a mindset thing, I don’t care what might be best I make the most of what I’ve got.

You’ll need to wait for Y5 to look at the technicalities of those strange results, although I think @asashdor has probably worked out the reason. It can be quite tricky to get your mind around how it gets to those results, but you need to keep in mind there is an error margin and it’s only a recommendation, you can use what you want.

Yeah, there is something going on with the off hand weapon and the re-origination array. If you lock in an off hand weapon the optimization looks good. We’ll take a look at it.

Windwalker right ? xD

I’ll take a look… I think that the issue here is that off hand weapon damage has very little impact on DPS, so it’s causing some issues with the statistical models that we use. I’ll probably need to generate a different set of data points for windwalker and it should clear it up.

This should be fixed now.