Unusual suggestions for best in slot

Hi all,

I’m getting suggestions for items that appear to be unobtainable. For example, with my setup, my BIS on my shaman is Crosswind Shoulderguards (ilvl 340). However, all I can find on that item is that it is a 280 item.

Maybe it can be obtained through a world quest?

Maybe? For example, my BIS shoulder piece is the Fen Spirit Mantle. On wowhead and other such sites, it lists the item as a 280 piece. There’s no information explaining what World Quest this might drop from, etc.

That item can randomly be the reward of world quests at a higher item level. You can get it from emissary too. I have 340 versions of that item. Most quest rewards show up as higher item level in world quest rewards.

So here’s a thing. My BIS for my Shaman is Crosswind Shoulderguards. There happened to be a world quest for it so I did the quest. The item drop was only 325 though. However, my emissary rewards are for 340. Do world quest items not scale up? If so, do items like these even scale that high?

The azerite gear from world quests I think can only be ilvl325. Then you can get the same items from emissary rewards all the way up to ilvl370, depending on your current gear’s item level.

Okay then I think there’s a bug. I did some more digging and found that in the above mentioned case, Crosswind Shoulderguards are a reward from a Proudmoore Admiralty emissary quest. However, my Shaman is a Horde character and therefore cannot receive that item.