Update for T21 changes?

Bearmantle 4pc still showing +10% bonus instead of +20%… Being able to sim for the current tier would be nice.

It is updated in the simulator as you can see here:

When are the going to show up in best in bags? I am paying for premium and not being able to use best in bag. Because it is not recognizing the new gear…

I need more specifics – what is not “showing up” in best in bags? An addon export for your character with a detailed description of what you expect to see that is different than the best in bags result would help us answer your question.

I think he means that the t21 simply isn’t recognised when you want to know the best in bags. For example resto druid, you can only use pre-t21 strategies so when you want to find the best in bags, he never shows t21 gear.

I sent a ticket about this yesterday, I have yet to get a response.

I mean, When I do the best in bags. t21 gear does not show up as best, T20 still does. It will not recognize t21 or gear lvl 930 or higher it seams. It keep recommending t20 and gear 920 and below.

I will even be wearing the gear, And it recommends me to remove it for lesser gear.

ALso the stat priority for Blood dk is totally wrong.

Here is export from in game addon:

$55;US;Hyjal;Headdink;Legion of Stone;12;1;110;13:1,7:800,15:800,12:185,1:800,14:700;1;.s1;1;2112123;272,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,3,1042,28,122,1,1,1,143;4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,4,1,1,22,1;152295b1472b3528b3610,147109b1497b3528b3562,152292b1472b3528b3614;1,1739,42,1,-1510,6,1,1,0,1,0,0,1/2,1460,41,4,-1511,1208,-1201,1,0,1,0,1,0/3,1459,39,4,-1508,5,-6,1,1,0,0,0,0;.s2;2;;;;;;.s3;3;2221213;149,1,1,1,1,1,2,1,1,104,1,1,1,1,1,852,214,28,128,1,1,1,137;1,1,1,1,1,1,4,4,4,4,1,4,4,4,4,4,1,1,4,1,1,1,1;151009b3179b3336b3397,151013b3164b3395b3528,152030b1452b3528b3573;;.q1;128402s16b716x152295y-5186z5183e3368;5788s14b-113b974b231b1528b237x-709;10059s13b-114b171;249s9b-2068b246b1720b45x2;2573s6b-2076b311b1720b34x-5;165s8b-1865b1492b148b236;4404s12b-1762b1819x-21334e2059;333s2b-2153b331b1528b274x21334e12;40s1b-2128b1854b274;50s11b-2138b2056b82e-11;50s15b-2133b1859b274e6;3s7b-2138b2056b82;259s10b-2138b336b1720b86x0;3s5b-2142b2056b86;1s3b-3573b1431b2056b86;.q3;128403s16b718x151009y4z1017e3368;4045s9b2741b111;1742s14b-2967b974b231b1528b237;299s12b-2011b246b1720b45x-450e2060;48s11b-2011b246b1720b45;9744s3b-114b171e503;2741s13b-2133b311b1529b224x0;44s7b-2039b1815b225;5s6b-2065b311b1720b34x0;50s5b-2065b2031b34;1s15b-2055b1830b224e-497;1s10b-2064b2031b34;1s1b-2055b1830b224;112s8b-1864b1492b148b236;4737s2b-2096b331b1528b274x0e5;.r;_;.inv;2459;3497;300;692;14929;700;1;1942;18;41;1465;0;0;1;0;0;0;0;0;1899;1796;1069;1420;2;18;905;138;685;1303;2326;222;452;1048;1155;84;1;2443;2;6482;220;197;2024;142;247;685;14059;2141;1873;534;17;2;457;895;422;2651;1528;5281;3704;642;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;183;504;478;208;523;769;2800;722;708;110;1;1345;3150;3533u505x76671e4422;1392;1;0;621;1;21;4;4;5;13;24;1904;2017;182;637;0;0;0;0;0;42;1;65;400;1;295b499b24b1;14b0;666;996;893;342;0;100;13;638;36;103;0;0;0;124;1;1;1;1;1;1;10;1;1;11;181;1;214b-460b461b9;1b-336b329b7;1b-372b363b9;549;65;164;270;21;207;2;14;270b-275b266b15;259;188b-500;1;173;942b670;32;2b0;7;701;94;139;22;118;2;1;245;183;13;901;365;77u24b-635b473b71;132;1;1b-59b3;1;551;331b974b287b1512;1304;2;1;54;1221;7;53;1;0;33;35v100b-2721;64;48;17;2;1;1;1;3;0;112u0b-49;99u0b0;1u0b0;100;1;0;1;1;1;4;0;17;84u2b-6;24b-343b434b2;5b-601b595b5;8b-563b558b6;12b-165b159b6;11b-370b364b5;13b-382b381b1;5b-46b41b5;0b-46b41b6;1164;1531;8;68;14;244;0;7;3;1;2;3;1;1;96;2;0;2;14;7;14;0;44;1;6;0;3;21;1;1;1;92u-2;317b64x67032y7310z-7313e-1052;20;8;32b-491b425b2;1;50b65x7309y4z1017e-2;23;56;20;1;4;0;3;0;785;1609;1;904;118;438b2741b111;11b-1759b1819;67b-171b111;5b-111b111;4b-111b171x-21810;1b-171b70b41;5b-111b70b41;913v0b-2955b41;0v0b-41;190;9;1;149;254b1196b1759x21365e2060;183b-1998b1956b45;30b-1991b1754b237e11;302b-2011b246b1720b45x-5e-11;33b-2011b1966b45;6b-2011b1854b112e-1;9b-1966b246b1720b45;1805;294;793b-2011b1966b45;213;469;763;1;924;9;4;66;311;3;381;7;7;0;144;12;3;3;18;113b-3530b1464b2021b45;119;1;14;1;336;95;0;159;47;0;683;1;166;41;0;0;0;1011;59;0;0;0;15;33;241v10b55;378b-169b111;1b-111b171e504;2386b-171b111x-21360y0z0;236;0;0;2;0;1;0;0;0;1;0;0;1;0;0;1;0;0;0;76b-2068b1834b226;28b-2060b1835b224e-42;1b-3520b1461b1834b226e-450;6b-2060b1834b226;0b-2065b2031b34;1b-2065b2031b34e-9;0b-2070b1844b225e-2;1b-2064b311b1529b224x21360;44b-2039b1815b225;55b-2065b2031b34;1b-2055b1830b224e6;1b-2064b2031b34;1b-2080b2046b33;0b-2054b1830b224;1b-2074b1849b225;326;256;41b-2059b1835b235;5b-2080b1844b236;116;16;3103b-2000b1956b45;1b-2011b246b1528b61;20b-223b162b60;1b-222b223b131;0b-354b223b131;322b-1951b231b1529b79x5;232;0;3;0;1;0;42;327b-1939b1859b274;120b-2138b2056b82;38;2;16b-2138b2056b82;263b-3569b1431b2056b86;239;164b-3572b1465b269b32b1528b237x0e-6;7;144;1;13b-2091b231b1623;245;4$

I haven’t updated blood DKs yet – I have done all the other tank specs, blood is up next.

The stat priority for blood DK is good for pre-T21 gear, and also don’t forget to use the blender. A lot of the stat priorities you see floating around the internet for tanks are based largely on DPS and content that you out-gear, so you’d have to go with a more aggressive blender setting to make it match.

It has be found that Blood dk should be Haste as top priority. fyi AT least for survival

I will check the blender and see how that works

But what about the gear issue? That is the biggest problem I am having. Especially since I pay for a service. I do not seem to be able to get due to this issue.

When I look at the best-in-bags result using the Pre-T21 raid boss strategy with Conservative blend, I don’t see anything that looks too crazy to me. It wants you to use T20 4-piece set bonus and switch to a different legendary.

It might be that our updated blood strategy (coming in the next couple days) will favor the T21 set bonuses a bit more, but just looking at it, choosing between T20 4-piece and T21 2-piece with your current gear is not an obvious choice.

also, I see Haste shown as the top-priority stat.

Maybe I am reading the little stat goals graph wrong… But I tried each blender and haste is not top on any of them. Well if I use aggressive it jumps up but all stats are about equal.

I have found the haste I lose using the 4 piece t20 vs 2 of the t21 the 2 t21 works better. Survival wise.

Doing same bosses two different times. My survival in current was mush better than the t20 gear. imo anyway…This was in the New Throne raid.

And also the current legendary ring I use. The BiB does not even give it as an option for usage.

You must have some settings that are causing it to give a different result… when I optimize, it suggests that you increase your haste.

Maybe you have something locked in? Have you tried pressing the “unlock all” link at top of the gear table then press “Save and Update”? Maybe that will help.

Whenever you run best in bags, all gear that you currently own is an option. The optimizer will try all of it, then tell you the best one, and then also some legendary combos it thought were also close to the best solution.

When I look at your string and do BiB I get this.

and I have it suggesting the ring, just in the box beside BiB.

and not to mention that the ring isn’t that great.

When I run that BiB string, this is what I get:

This is doing pretty much exactly what I’d expect, switching to Skullflower’s which are very good for both toughness and damage (which is what it should be doing with the Conservative blender setting).

It picks up more haste, and more versatility at the expense of mastery and crit, switches in a relic with the best trait, and gives you 4p T20 which has an exceptional bonus. 2500 versatility with 90+% uptime is exceptionally powerful, and the 4p bonus is also quite good, with it being the better portion of the Ossuary talent without the Bone Shield requirement.

I see exactly what tabu34 sees when I run it. I’d like to know what settings are causing it to show up differently for other people…

Soul of Deathlord ring does not show up. This is what I see, So is there something I have wrong?

Okay so if I use your BiB string and set it to Pre-T21 M+10-15 All Toughness like you have it, and lock in Archimonde’s Hatred Reborn, I see the same thing. It’s doing what I would expect it to do. If I had to take a wild guess, versatility’s value is probably magnified because of Archimonde’s shield or something.

If I were trying to gear using that strategy though, I would probably unlock Archimonde’s and change Rune Tap to Foul Bulwark (assuming I would be changing away from the ring). That actually gives you what you were sort of looking for, some more haste, 2pT20 and 2pT21. The 2pT21 is much, much better in M+, considering how much more powerful Dancing Rune Weapon is. Doing that gives you this:

I see that you have locked the trinket in place, unlocking it might give you another result.

I will try these options… Cause current options are not working…

Well I just tried to use the website. Says not implemented? Ticket number fb5f64f3-ab4d-42e7-8967-ada74d679de9

Not sure what this means.

There was a little bug with runeforges in the update last night, will do an update shortly that fixes it.