Update simulator runtime


I’m running Ubuntu 22.04 which does not support dotnet 3.1 as the OS only supports OpenSSLv3, and dotnet 3.1 requires lower versions on OpenSSL. Would you guys be able to update the runtime to dotnet 6.0?

Besides, 3.1 is EOL in December 2022, and 6.0 is LTS until 2023 or more.


We will be updating to .NET 6 later this year, as we start working on WotLK and Dragonflight.

Microsoft releases a new long term support version of .NET every 2 years now (even numbered releases), and we use a version until the end of its service life (so that we aren’t constantly upgrading). Thus we will switch to .NET 6 later this year and then use it until late 2024, at which point we will switch to .NET 8, etc.

Brilliant. I’ve just updated my entire codebase from 3.1 to 6.0 myself, so understand what an undertaking it can be. :slight_smile: