Update to battle.net APIs

Today we updated how we use the battle.net APIs to load character information (we still call it the “Armory” on the user interface because people are used to calling it that).

This update was required because Blizzard is retiring the old version of the API next week and moving to this new one. We don’t expect most people to notice this change, but please let us know if you encounter any issues.

Armory vs. Addon

We highly recommend using our in-game addon to load your character instead of the Armory. It gathers more information and is always up to date with the latest state of your character.

If you are not interested in the other functionality of our addon (such as managing gear sets), no problem, just ignore it – you can use the addon purely for exporting your character (though we highly recommend trying out the Send to Addon feature of Best in Bags if you haven’t yet… it is really convenient).

Only use the Armory if it is absolutely necessary. And note that Best in Bags, Upgrade Finder, and Worst in Bags all require that you use our addon, because the Armory does not have any information about unequipped gear in your bags or bank.

Also note that “mixing” the addon with the Armory is a bad idea. Stick to using only the addon, or only the Armory for a character, otherwise weird inconsistencies could pop up.

Notes on the Armory

If you do want to use the Armory to load a character, here are some things to note:

  1. It cannot load your professions – Blizzard is still working on making that available.
  2. Certain pieces of information about your gear are not available, so we have done our best to infer them from what is available. Let us know if any items load with incorrect item levels, etc.
  3. If you use the website infrequently, we can only store stuff from the Armory for up to 30 days, after which it will be deleted.
  4. The Armory is prone to issues especially around major patches – it can sometimes take a while to update. Always have our in-game addon handy as a backup if this happens.
  5. The Armory does not work for the CN region. You’ll have to use our in-game addon instead.
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