Update Transperency

I am wondering how AMR handles game changes similar to the recent azerite trait changes, I know for example there was a nerf to Sudden Onset for Aff Locks, is that change live on AMR and if so is there a way to have that Sim valid as of X date and Y Time so we can confirm that we are not behind on the patches.

I raid on Tuesdays so it would be nice to know how valid suggestions are since they keep changing everything or if i should be testing stuff manually

We have an update log that will be automated pretty soon, just finishing up a few things so that we can get to implementing it. That kind of stuff usually takes about 24 hours to implement and then recalculate.

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thanks yes i just saw the main section has a change log at the bottom not sure if thats newish or if im just that blind but thanks for the quick response