Updated to reflect 7.2.5?

Good morning AMR peeps. I would like to know if the SIM tool has been updated to reflect 7.2.5? Im not sure if it needed to be or not, but thought I would ask.

Also - has your gear ranking tool been updated for 7.2.5 as well?
— example: I play a DH and mastery is no longer as valuable - I am not sure how to rank my gear or how to prioritize or weight mastery now.

Zoopercat detailed the plan in a blog post here. The 7.2.5 sim is available by changing the Version for a sim to 7.2.5 if you want to sim yourself, and as of last update they were targeting noon PST for website updates which will include new default gearing strategies. I have not seen any indication that those are live yet, but I’m sure the staff will let us know when it’s ready to use.

We have one gearing strategy for each spec available right now for people to use if they want. Here is the one we made for havoc (and it is available in the defaults):

TLDR: get crit.