Upgrade, do not show gear pcs from a vendor

Before i use mats etc to buy gear from a vendor i like to see if its rly better than the one i have already.
Upgrade info tells me: i"a list of alll gear in the game" , however no mater what i try to find its not there.
So at the storm fury npc, i like to see if a “bronze…” ring is better than the one i have - befor i buy it (and soemtimes i can not deliver it back to get my mats back).
So i use upgrade: … choose the list for rings, and filter it with the name of the ring, “bronze”…, but nothing turns up.

Which specific item? The full name and ID would be helpful.

We have most end-game relevant items indexed for searching, but sometimes there are an item or two from less common sources for which we don’t have source information entered.

bronze band of destinies ilvlv 389, however as the search do not return anything using the search word “bronze…” (id 201061)
If not how am i going to compare gear i have not bought yet with what i have ?

I’ll take a look at why the items from that event are not showing up. We did add them but seems like maybe some filtering is cached on the live site.

Once we update the site they should show up in item lists and in the Primal Storms upgrade finder search.

thank you so veru much