Upgrade finder assumes best unobtained Main Hander when reccomending Off Hand (Bug)

I currently have a main hand and off hand equipped. Upgrade Finder says my DPS increase is very large for any off hand upgrade.

I lock my main hand. Upgrade Finder says an off hand upgrade is much more reasonable.

It’s acting like offhands provide Inifinite Stars when recommending off hands. Or something similar. Thus messing with the bonus roll calculations and other stuff.

I’ll have to give some thought to this… it’s not really a bug… but the corruption effects cause the current technique to give a result that looks a bit weird.

We typically rank off-hands for casters as if they were paired with a main-hand of the same or lower item level that meets all available filters as well, and ranks the highest. We do this because otherwise off-hands might all appear to be quite bad compared to two-handed weapons if your current 1-handed weapon is weak… and thus it would appear as if you should never go after off-hands.

I’ll give it some thought… dealing with the caster 2-hand vs. 1-hand+off-hand combo has always been difficult.

Alright, I’m manually filtering atm. Thanks for the reply.