Upgrade finder - Based on customization option in BiB

Hi !
I’m going to begin the progress on Azshara MM and i wanted to see wich “shoulder” or “chest” should i buy with my residum.
Badly, upgrade finder doesn’t have the customize feature yet.
Is it planned ?
or can i have a work around ?

The work around i have for now; go into the “gear check” and look into the item i can get for chest and shoulder that can be an upgrade, look to get the “customization i want” and choose base on that.
Does it sound good ?

The upgrade finder should be using your customization settings for the chosen Best in Bags setup, with one exception: custom azerite rules. I still have to give some thought to how/if it would be possible to rank azerite items based on your custom rules.

The other settings like secondary stat balance and custom trinket rankings should be reflected in the upgrade finder though. Let me know if it seems like it is not.


It is but indeed not the azerith.

i dont know how you handle things here, but having an upgrade with custom azerith is “simple” in my mind.
If you do something like :
"Having every setups “better than mine” and then “Filter out every item that is not satisfying the rules”
Then list all the item in the upgrade finder ? :x

Ok it’s probably not gonna work because millions of setups to “filter” and you dont have the Computer like facebook have xD.

Yeah there are a lot of complicating factors too… like how do you quantify one azerite item vs. another azerite item based on custom rules? Like how do I say this item is a 3.5% upgrade and that other item is a 3.3% upgrade based on which rules it meets or doesn’t, our simulation data, etc.?

So for now, we show azerite items ranked based on our simulation data, and then we figure users can filter to items that have the specific azerite traits they are targeting using the search box.

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Since I mostly use the upgrade finder to quickly identify bonus rolls this is something that I would very much like to see. Currently all my reccommended bonus rolls are for azerite gear that is way worse than what I have equipped.

A short-term fix could be the option to remove azerite gear from the upgrade finder so I can at least get a more balanced look of where I should be bonus rolling.