Upgrade finder broken?


Hi, at upgrade finder I only get 1h as upgrades even thou I know there are other items that are better?
I have i messed up some settings or is it something els?

// Dhearic

That Snapshot ID doesn’t work, for some reason…


I removed my char and put it back in. that might be why it did not work sorry

That’s probably because it’s a classic snapshot - and does work over there. :wink:

You’re currently using Bonereaver’s Edge which AMR values higher than every other currently available two-handed weapon as it’s proc is really strong - and it might even be comparable to or better than most weapons from Ahn’Qiraji and Naxxramas.

Upgrade Finder does show that though but you’ll find the other two-handed weapons far down the list as those would most likely be downgrades.

Six & two 3’s… no Classic tag.