Upgrade Finder Bug - Crests

Using Upgrade Finder to see what is best for me to put Aspect Crests in shows that upgrading my wpn from a 476 to a 483 would be a downgrade. Clearly an error here.


I’ll take a look at this as we work on the update for tomorrow that also picks up anything of interest in the 10.2.6 patch.

We’ll have this fixed in the next site update. The issue is with the Gems and Enchants customization options on the Customize tab – that feature doesn’t get used very often and wasn’t working properly for a couple cases.

Note that it’s possible to create a conflict with those options, so take care. For example you can set your enchant crafted quality to 3, but then force it to use a rank 2 weapon enchant… the optimizer doesn’t like that, so don’t do that. Set weapon enchants to Auto or the same rank as your Enchant Crafted Quality setting.