Upgrade Finder Catalyst suggesting lower level piece

Snapshot id: fbe8058a648448908b595f8553a164fe
I have two season 4 head pieces: an ilvl 493 1/8 champion and an ilvl 489 4/8 veteran
The Upgrade Finder is suggesting I catalyze the lower ilvl piece, but shouldn’t it suggest the higher level one?

I’m just a user on the site like you, but I tried looking into this anyway. And I can’t see that second head piece (ilvl 493) in your bags at all. Are you sure you have imported the latest string from the game into the site?

EDIT: I typed too soon. I can see the head piece. And you’re right, this seems strange.

We’ll fix that in the next update. Up until this patch, only M+ dungeon gear could be converted with the catalyst. We need to change that filter to also allow M0 gear now because it is high enough item level.

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