Upgrade Finder Doesn't Include Reputation Rewards?

Hey AMR,

I’ve been waiting for this revamp for a long time - glad to see it finally in.

One question I had was about adding rep rewards here. I think it would be very helpful to add reputation gear here so I can decide which reps give me the biggest bang for my buck.

Also, you can no longer easily discern which individual raid boss gives you the highest probability of a piece of loot. Will you add a feature like this in the future?

Thank you!

Yeah we could look at adding a reputation search.

The Bonus Roll search should do that you are asking for with respect to raid bosses. You can pick how to sort the bosses when looking at the results – by chance to get any upgrade, biggest single upgrade, or the default and my preference, an average that factors in both chance and size of upgrades.

In setup, you can also filter the Bonus Roll search to only include the specific bosses/difficulties that you care about.

In addition to rep rewards, how about boe items or is that already an option in upgrade finder and I am just not seeing it. I do see crafted items.

We didn’t do BoE items yet because we don’t have complete item source information for those yet. Still working on it.

+1 on the reputation gear… it would really help me decide what rep to grind/ use a contract on :wink: thanks for all the work!

The site has been updated, I added a Rep Vendors search to the list.

ty ty ty!!! the results gave me very valuable information (most of them are not worth the grind :slight_smile: as usual you help me focus my efforts on what will matter more


Thanks for adding that rep checker! Huge time saver!!!