Upgrade finder - Domination sets

Small bug i found out in the scoring in upgrade finder :

I supposed the score given to the shoulder is due to the set it could provide within the parameters i gave to the optimizer.
The problem here, it’s for a set “MM+” and sets doesn’t works in “MM+”. I do have the “in Maw/Sanctum” disabled as you can see here :

Probably a small tweek needed i guess !
Great work this patch ! I’m really happy with the result !

That’s weird… I don’t think it has to do with the set bonus though, e.g. normal Smuggler’s Plundered Pauldrons show as a downgrade. I’ll try to figure out why that one item is scoring strangely.

Be aware that i’m not able to redo it on demand. Specially because my gear have changed a lot last week so… Dont dig too mutch probably a small bug

I think I found it – we’ll fix it in the next update.

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