Upgrade finder: exclude 2H weapons?

Know you don’t want to spend a bunch of time and money updating the classic sim due to it’s level of usage. But would it be possible to add an ability to the upgrade finder part to at least suppress 2H weapon suggestions for us dual wield fury dudes?

That option already exists – check the “Exclude 2H Weapons” option at the bottom of the list of options during setup (Step 2. Set Options on the Set Up Best in Bags/Slot tab).

I see it on Best in Bags (section 1), but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the Upgrade Finder (section 2) output for me. I swear it did at some point, but it doesn’t appear to carry down. My first 3 upgrades are 2 handed weapons i won’t use in 2H Fury.

The upgrade finder will show everything available based on the search you picked.

You can use the search box to limit the results further: type “2h” to see just 2-handers, or “1h” to see just 1-handers. (I keep meaning to put a help note with the extra built-in searches next to the search box.)

Yeah, what would be nice then is a way to just patently exclude categories. In this case 2H from the list at all. I have to build an upgrade list for my guild of prio items I want. Obviously would be most useful to me anyhow if I could exclude items I know I won’t use to build an easily scannable, in order list of things that would immediately increase my damage. Or have it honor the same stats as you saved above in section 1 when they are carried down…


The Upgrade Finder should follow all of the rules specified in Best in Bags as far as which stats it prefers, adjust rankings based on your chosen consumables, etc., if that is what you mean by “honor the same stats as you saved in section 1”.

Yeah, that was what I meant. But it’s not honoring the check box ‘exclude 2H weapons’, which was my original post. See pic. Exclude 2H weapon is checked, but the first 3 selections in upgrade are in fact 2H weapons.

Yeah – that would be the exception. Item filtering won’t carry over, but stat preferences and anything that would impact how an item ranks will be considered. The upgrade finder searches are their own search of available items from various sources in-game – they find whatever makes sense for that search (e.g. all raid items from a particular set of raid zones), then they get ranked as per your best in bags settings. Then you can view the list and filter it with the search box.

Even if you don’t want optimizations to choose 2-handed weapons, it can be interesting to see how much of an upgrade such a weapon could potentially be.