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Hello, there is a feature that used to be on the site, back during Legion expansion, that I kind of miss. But not necessarily it’s “intended” use. I didn’t see a topic on this that I found, and if there was maybe it was around back in early BFA times.

Back in Legion you had the ability to use your weekly Re-roll tokens at the end of an M+ run. And the Upgrade Finder used to have a category for that specifically. It would let you chose to show which dungeon’s either had the biggest upgrades, or the dungeons that simply had the highest chance to actually give you and upgrade, any upgrade.

Obviously, since BFA and going forward those tokens were either not for M+ and toekns simply do not exist anymore. I never really used that category for Upgrade Finder for the purpose of figuring out what dungeon I should use my tokens in, but what I would use that feature for is I would pick say the top 3 or 4 dungeons in those lists as the dungeons I would try and find, or make, groups for to try and maximize my chances of getting some upgrades.

If Ruby Life Pools has 4 upgrades for me at +15, but Halls of Valor only has 1 at +15, I should try and do more Ruby’s than Hall’s. Unless the Halls is just some kind of incredible upgrade. I know that the current Upgrade Finder M+ shows all the upgrades in a given difficulty, and I can ever “search” for Ruby Life and it would show me all the ones from there. But one of the nice things about the old Re-roll upgrade finder from legion is that it would literally list off all the dungeons and you could see at a glace all the dungeons and their protentional for upgrades rather than just a huge list of 100+ items.

Interestingly enough I actually made my own Excel sheet where I just do the current M+ search, and I just select, copy, and paste all the items out in to the Excel Sheet and it auto parses the data in to exactly that. X number of upgrades in X dungeon, and Y number of upgrades in Y dungeon, with their % increase in score simply because I liked that data for choosing where I should go at a glace. It tells me which dungeons have the highest % chance to get something, and which dungeons have the highest potency upgrades. Or which dungeons simply have nothing for me at all and I should avoid doing. (yah for Premade Group Filter Addon too)

And I simply recently started to remember how I used to use that data right from the website to do that and kind of missed it. So I thought that I would drop this here and see what people thought of that. Maybe as just adding it as a tab in the same existing Upgrade Finder M+ right next to Results.

Just a thought, I really like the work you do and the help this website is. Keep up the good work :smiley:

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Thanks for the post - I think something like this is certainly worth thinking about - I vaguely remember having this on the site back then, hah. The site goes through so many revisions with each expansion it’s easy to forget what we did.