Upgrade Finder for Anima?

I see an Upgrade Finder for Valor but not one for upgrading using Reservoir Anima. Is that considered obsolete at this point? I think it would still be helpful for leveling up alts.

Do you mean the covenant set items that can be upgraded? We don’t have a specific search for those, but you can use the “Add to my Bag” search for those.

When the item list pops up when you click “Add Items”, use the controls on the right to choose the slot and get a list for that slot. Then find the item (you can type “set” in the filter/search box to filter to just set items), and use the down arrow at the left of the item to show controls for modifying it to any upgrade version you want to rank. Then click anywhere on the item to add it to your list to rank. You can add up to 10 items this way to rank at once.

With 9.1 just around the corner, these won’t be very relevant anymore – there will be ilvl200 drops in Korthia from account-bound tokens that can be upgraded all the way to 233 for catching up alts.