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Hello, everyone. I find the upgrade finder for the great vault difficult. I only play m +. now I have to compare the list of the vault with BiS every time. because the Upgrade Finder always offers me an upgrade to my current gear. We m + players unfortunately only have the opportunity to purchase a 252 item once a week. if a BiS item is included and the Upgrade Finder ignores that, that’s really a lot of work. Can’t there be a list that first compares with BiS and, if there is no BiS, then ranks upgrade on current gear?

I don’t think that I quite understand the question.

The Upgrade Finder Great Vault search shows you whether one of your current vault rewards would be an upgrade were you to take it and equip it right now. It tries every combination of gear that you own, and ranks all of the rewards in order from best to worst.

The following forum post is a detailed explanation of how the Great Vault ranking works:

Let me know if any of that helps answer your question, and if it doesn’t, we can discuss further.

okay, so as an example today my BiS neck was in the vault. Upgrade Finder does not recommend this to me because it was a downgrade based on my current gear. but it would be extremely stupid not to take the BiS item. As an m + player, the vault is the only way to get a 252 item. what is the probability that the BiS is twice in it? I think it would be great if the Upgrade Finder compares the items with the BiS list. if there is one, that should be suggested. if none of the items are from the Vault BiS, Upgrade Finder should rank that as before. is that possible? or does it already exist? I find the comparison with the BiS list very cumbersome. I hope the question is more understandable :slight_smile:

I get what you are saying now.

So the entire concept of Best in Slot is pretty “fuzzy” these days compared to say, back in Classic. There are a lot of variations of items, so it’s hard to make one single Best in Slot list. That’s why we give you so many controls – you can filter things and customize it, etc.

Thus, the chance of ever getting a single “Best in Slot” set of gear is very small. You will almost always adapt to whatever drops you happened to get. The Upgrade Finder is more of a tool built around a “greedy” approach to gearing: put on whatever is the biggest upgrade for you right at this moment. More often than not, that will lead you to a set of gear that is close to optimal down the road, and it will improve your short-term performance the most.

That said, there are certainly exceptions to this approach. For example, you might want to choose an item with a domination socket so that you can get the set bonus. Same idea with tier sets that will be added in the upcoming 9.2 patch – even if the item itself is weaker, you might keep it so that you can complete the set bonus later on.

Those exceptions aside… it would be pretty rare for an item that is a pure “stat stick” to make much of a difference down the line. If you want to give me a snapshot and let me know the specific item in question, I can take a closer look at your specific case. Instructions on how to do that in this post:

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Yellowfive is right on the money here but it can be pretty hard to to wrap your head around.

I’m assuming the “BiS” is according to the section on this site and not a list elsewhere.
That BiS list has access to everything to make it, without the rest of that gear that neck might not be any good or worse than what you’ve got now.

Hopefully that makes sense.