Upgrade finder help wotlk

So I was using the upgrade finder and it shows both tier gloves and log splitters are a downgrade right?
Yet when I buy them, and them use best in bags it shows them both being an upgrade, like I would buy one, check best in bag to see how much of an upgrade it is v the other options, sell them back and buy the other gloves to check those. I think tier gloves are my best upgrade for the set bonus but it lists them as a downgrade if I don’t already have them. What is with that?

For most of the upgrade finder searches, it would be way too slow to run a full Best in Bags optimization for every item in the list (of which there can be hundreds for some searches). It would take several minutes to complete, which would be both annoying for users and expensive.

So most of the searches use a straightforward approach of taking your current Best in Bags solution, replace the one item in question, put the best gems/enchants on it, then score.

One exception is the “Add to my bag” search. This will actually run a full Best in Bags optimization as if you owned each individual item in the list. For this reason you can only add 10 items to the list at a time. You can always try that search before making your final decision to purchase an item (and to save the trouble of buying and selling the item in-game).

Neither approach is really a “better” way to rank… they answer slightly different questions. We give you both options so that you can decide which approach you prefer more.