Upgrade Finder ignores one Great Vault option completely

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Upgrade Finder ignores one Great Vault option completely, it isn’t even displayed in the rankings. In my case, the wrist Anguished Restraints (Myth 1/4). I do have Hero 6/6 with socket in my bags. But imho the Myth one should be visible in the results.

And I have upgrade level set to max, 489.

I’ll take a look… I think the issue is that for the selected Best in Bags setup you have a wrist item locked, so the optimizer isn’t allowed to replace it and thus skips it.

The great vault search (and also flightstone/crests and catalyst) do a different type of optimization than the other searches – it’s essentially like running Best in Bags as if you owned each item in the list. But… if you have a wrist item locked… running Best in Bags will never pick a new wrist item, thus it isn’t getting ranked.

I’ll give some thought to an efficient way to deal with cases like this, but for now you can unlock your wrist item to see how it would rank.

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Ah, that makes sense. Didn’t think about it. Thanks for the reply!