Upgrade finder in classic shows items up to level 80

I tried to find upgrades in classic for a level 52. It showed me items up to level 80, so presumably doesn’t know it is in classic or what my level is. I am on a Mac.

We don’t have full support for players below max level. Some of the item data might not have the level restrictions available. You can ignore those higher level items until you can get them, obviously.

why? this app is supposed to be as much a leveling gear guide as a end game gear guide

Our website has always been focused on max level characters. We offer the one week free trial so that you know what you are getting before you buy it. We try to make it obvious that max level is what we are aimed at.

Gear optimization for lower level characters has very little value, so we don’t spend time supporting it much. If you bought a sub for leveling specifically, contact us via email and request a refund.