Upgrade finder is confusing with ilvl/tracks

When looking for loot in a raid (im sure elsewhere too) its confusing if i should roll on an item.

If the item I currently have is higher ILVL but on a lower track than an item that can drop, than its shown as a downgrade. But if I change the upgrade level option to the max level, and the item I have is on the same track, just a lower ILVL, than the item drop shows as an upgrade. And if I roll on that item, ill have a duplicate item that’ll probably end up as vendor trash.


  1. Current equipped: Champion 8/8 ilvl 437. Droppable item: Hero 1/8 ilvl 428. Shows as downgrade, but I should roll on it.

  2. Current equipped: Hero 1/8. Droppable item, upgradeable to Hero 8/8. Shows as upgrade, but is a duplicate.

Should the Upgrade Level option modify the current equipped gear as well as the droppable gear for comparison?

We can look into that, could be a nice convenience when comparing upgrades.

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