Upgrade Finder lied to me

For my Arms Warrior spec, the Upgrade Finder recommended Decorated Commander’s Cindercloak as a 1.3% dps upgrade. Huge right? So even though it ilvl 389 vs. the 395 Cape of Entanglement I’m already wearing, I choose it. Download data from addon, go to Best in Bag and voila: It’s a .42% downgrade. Boooo. I know this stuff is hard, but ouch. Snapshot: f891fa17ec0d4494a09ab4cd07504d68

Thanks for the report, I was able to reproduce the issue by manually removing that item from your inventory.

This turned out to be a very, very rare bug with some of the gem/enchant logic way down in the optimizer. Without going into details, this bug was so rare that I would never in my worst nightmares have thought to think that maybe I would have ever had to write code to prevent it!

We’ll fix it in the next site update, probably later tonight.

Well, thank you for checking into that. Me and some of my friends got a good chuckle out of your response. Thanks for that, as well. Cheers!