Upgrade Finder Multi Search


I have noticed that besides the bonus roll search, there seems to be no way to do more than one search at a time like the old upgrade finder.

What I did before was pick say Dungeons, World Bosses, and the current raid only. So only the upgrades from those sources would so up. Another example would be Heroic Dungeons and the current raid only. Am i missing something. I just woke up so might have totally missed it.


From my point of view it’s because you want to target what you will do. You will raid tomorrow ? You go in the raid part. You will do dungeon ? Look into dungeon part.
Seems logique to me but yeah we could have an overview over all

You are correct that we no longer rank ALL items at once. We decided to go with more targeted searches for now, since that seemed to be the majority use case.

What we saw was that a ton of gear was being ranked that no one cared about. That was making the upgrade finder slow and also causing us to incur costs that were largely wasted.

That being said we are certainly collecting feedback on the upgrade finder and we can revise it if it’s not quite what people want. I feel like after the raid/mythic+ open up people generally use it for raid and mythic+ gear 95% of the time.

That makes sense.

Thanks for the response.

I like how there is actually less to sift through due to limit of search. It is also pretty easy for me to copy info into a spreadsheet if I want to view it all together.