Upgrade Finder - Multiple Selections

Heyas - used AMR a while back! And now I’ve returned for SL.

A while back, I seem to recall you could select multiple drops and then find the best upgrade. E.g. I could select PVP, and M+ and Raid, and then find what’s the best. However, now it seems I can only select individually?

The use case is that I want to see where my best item is for a slot. Is it a PVP item or is it an M+ drop, for example.

Maybe I missed a setting somewhere? Thanks!

If you look at the Best in Slot section of the site, you can see what we consider BiS for each slot. If you click on any slot, you will also see a ranked list of all the items for that slot. You can search/filter that list in many ways.

Try that out and see if it does what you want.

Thanks, that seems to do it!