Upgrade Finder - Multispec

Hello AMR !
I’m a bit anoying i know but can i suggest somethings for the futur ? (Even if you’ve just update the Upgrade Finder feature)…

I’m a monk and guildies call me the Swiss knife for my ability to change my spec. In legion, before each raid, i was doing an upgrade finder and screenshot for everyspec to bonus roll and loot the item that will provide me with the most benefits for all spec.

So, i’m sharing this idea:
Be able to select multiple spec as show:

Well hope you like the idea, and the community too =D
Doest it feel difficult to implement ?

Good luck AMR and have fun ! =D

That could be cool. We can add it to the future updates list. The main drawback is that the amount of work the server needs to do will be multiplied by each spec selected.

The serveur just pick the data on a HUGE data base already precessed value right ? It’s not updating live right ?

It ranks the items on the spot, since the rankings are relative to your BiB gear.

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