Upgrade Finder Mythic 0's not working as of 02/12/2020 3:57pm EST

Thought you guys should know.


Same issue happening for disc priest. I can’t see m0 gear at all, whether customizing my gear or looking at BIS. (BIS is suggesting I downgrade anything that was a m0 drop.)

(Dec 12)

Add one more - Not working for me either. Upgrade finder shows a few blue upgrades for Normal/Heroic Dungeons but nothing for Mythic0. BiS List also shows rare gear instead of Epics when all dungeons available in the filter.

This should be fixed now.

I started having this issue the day before yesterday and it is still occurring. Snapshot: a0159b0254df4e9bb99ba7812c25969e

If you are still seeing this issue it is likely cached. Try changing a setting or re-importing your character. I just tried your snapshot and the regular dungeon - mythic search seems to be working fine.