Upgrade Finder - No Titanforging, socket proc?

In the upgrade finder in legion, you would have procs like WF/TF & socket showing up and you could filter the chance of the proc to happen.
Is it coming back?

We decided to try out the upgrade finder with just “base” items this time around.

The “smart” mode that would upgrade items until they were an upgrade was always confusing to most people. You can still rank the warforged/titanforged version of any item in the per slot rankings on the Gear Check or BiS tool.

Our thinking was along these lines: Since all loot is personal loot now, you will get a wf/titanforge item… or you won’t. Once you get it, you will want to know if it is an upgrade, which Best in Bags will tell you. Actually searching out bosses to farm for titanforge drops seems like a use case that most people weren’t really interested in, especially with the reduced rate in BfA compared to Legion.

We are collecting feedback on all the features right now - so if there is a significant desire for some sort of search involving upgraded items, we can certainly discuss adding that in some form that is a bit smarter than before (where lots of items got ranked that no one cared about, slowing everything down).

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Makes sense, but I still wish the feature was kept to know which dungeon has the highest chance to give you an upgrade after you overgear it.
Especially with M+ coming soon, where you cant drop azerite gear which cant proc TF / socket
Knowing which +10 to farm after you got the best base item on X slots would help
In the end it’s just a matter of luck, but I would rather be lucky running a dungeon that has the best upgrades for me lol

In Legion I mostly used “Medium or higher” when judging which raid bosses I should use bonus roll on.

I am definitly interested in having that feature back !! Right now, when i search for upgrades where i should use my bonus rolls in raid, i get no result. I have all the base piece i want from heroic uldir on all bosses. But there certainly is bosses that are worth a reroll over others. Same for M+, i have most the top pieces for those slots so i don’t get many suggestions. I’m not stupid tho, i can somehow figure it out on my own, but i’m lazy. This is why i liked the upgrade finder being able to somehow weight my chances at wf/tf. If we were using same upgrade finder we had in legion, the bonus roll would still be suggesting something, wich is better than nothing xD Sorry for bad english, i hope it makes sense. I am at a point where i’m basically fishing for wf/tf only, i just miss the old lazy way of knowing where to focus my efforts ^^